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Mould company Service Scope:

  • Plastic Injection mould and product manufacture,
  • Plastic Blown mould and product manufacture,
  • Die Cast mould and product manufacture,
  • Die Cast mould for zinc and aluminium, Magnesium ,
  • Die casting and product manufacture

Staff and Facilities:

Our molding facility covers approximately 2400sq. meters,employs more than 20 professional molders, 10 engineers and more than 50 workers currently. Our facilities mainly imported from Japan, Taiwan and some of them are made in our own Country.


Our facilities:

  • 6 CNC Machining Center-MCV-1800, MCV-1000,MCV-850.
  • 2 Universal Radial Milling 4 Machine X5330, 2 Topone-TOM-4K,
  • 2 Grinding Machine- Manford MF-618S, 2 Kent-618,
  • 3 Lathes-C6232A,?
  • 4 Radial Drilling Machine-Z3032x10,
  • 4 Wire Cut Electric Discharge Digital Control Machine Tool (DK-7750, DK-7725,
  • 4 EDM Machining BL 714A,Creator-CR-5), Creator-CR-3),
  • EROWA -ITS-Integrated Tooling System, Positioning accuracy: 0.002mm,
  • Taylor Hobson Talyrond 131,
  • YJCS-4B ultrasonic molud polishing machinery,?
  • EASSON-EP-2 Profile Projector etc

Our Material:

Most kind of worldwide widely applied
mould steels are used in our production,
such as 718, 738, S136 from ASSAB of
Sweden, NAK80 from DAIDO of Japan and P20, 420,2344,8407 of Germany etc. Most mould bases and standard components come from LKM.

our hot-run system ;

We hot-runsystem;such as YUDO of made in south korea,HASCO of Germany.DME etc.



Tel: 0086-21-59757515



E-mail: info@nlmould-plastic.com